Silk Road Kish Group started its activity in the field of trade in 2013 with the export of fish and aquatic species to Europe, Japan and China and with its efforts and seriousness was able to gain the trust of new business partners from all over the world with various products. Our important measures are supplying livestock inputs (soy, corn, barley), (beef, chicken, mutton with Islamic slaughter) from Latin America and South Africa in our beloved country. Thus, our policy is to establish a balance of currency and commodity exchanges with it trading partners with the efficiency of effective communication between domestic products and processes, especially in the field of prominent products of food industry, oil and petrochemical products, that caused to maintain market arrangement.

In fact, we established this company to make the constructive human relations and natural order through an important and new way in the field of modern and traditional business.

Silk Road Kish Company, as a special joint stock company, has been registered in the free zone of Kish Island, and officially established since 1992.

In most dimensions and material and spiritual aspects, equalization plays the main role in growth and construction, this is the same point that we try to reach and it will not be smooth naturally, but we will also try to achieve its degree of excellence in all material and spiritual dimensions.